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painting by Sarah Hasty Williams

Canopic Publishing is dedicated to preserving  good storytelling, whether through poetry, prose, music, visual arts, or other forms of expression. There are currently two primary outlets in the Canopic world:


The Canopic Publishing imprint is dedicated to publishing literary memoirs and poetry collections. (


Softcover books bearing the Canopic imprint are distributed internationally, which includes being available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online retail outlets. Any eBook editions are likewise internationally distributed.


Both softcover and eBook editions are available for purchase directly from the Canopic Bookstore.

Canopic Jar: An Arts Journal first  appeared in 1986 as a tiny journal of drawings and poems. Since that modest beginning in print, there have been live shows, a studio recording, videos, and a softcover book—among other ventures. In 1999 the first online Jar was posted. We have since sought to carve our own little digital niche while continuing to nourish and pursue physical expressions as they are presented. In its present incarnation the Jar is simply a blog spot for Canopic Publishing, but it's likely to continue changing. Our goal is, above all else, to lead with the art. 

At this time Canopic Jar is not accepting unsolicited submissions



Phil Rice

publisher & editor

Virginia Smith Rice 

associate editor

Rethabile Masilo 

editor & poet-in-residence

Sarah Hasty Williams 


Paul Campbell Rice 

musical director

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