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The Suites

The Canopic Jar Suites were theme-based collections of poetry and other artistic renderings. The themes were open to liberal and organic interpretation — wherever the artist took them or they took the artist. While our emphasis tended to be literary, we encouraged electronic submissions of any genre or media: poetry, prose, photographs, drawings, audio, video — artist’s choice. We posted contributions as they were accepted by the editors, so the suites were built gradually and shared as they progressed. 

The Sharing Page

The Canopic Jar Sharing Page was a place where the Canopic Jar editors randomly shared work by artists that they encountered along the way. This included classic works in public domain and fresh works recently published. All artists are properly identified, and, when pertinent, any sources are cited. Most pieces on the page had been previously published, and posting them on the Sharing Page was never meant to imply or suggest that they were “published” by Canopic Jar. It’s all about the sharing.

Featured Voices Archive 2014-2016

Canopic Jar presented our first Featured Voice in 2014. The featured voices were mostly poets in the beginning, but soon the forum expanded to include prose stylists, visual artists, and musicians. The concept continues today under the heading Galleries & Voices. The earlier features are currently preserved in the Featured Voices Archive 2014-2016.

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