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Canopic Riffs: Hal on NRBQ

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

“They played like a choir from heaven that just drank their first gaggle of cheap beer.”

“NRBQ ... ”

“Terry Adams wanted his band to have his sound; it was an amazing sound of many emotions baked on the porch of a family home. The porch couldn't live with the sound so the family moved to a house with two porches.”

“With Steve Ferguson on guitar I would always be looking for his solo to come; Al Anderson was great but it was like taking your sister to the prom.”

“'Green Lights' is great; it manages to display a timing episode like a magic trick that isn't a trick.”

“An RV is a trailer without a trailer park.”

Hal Rice is a "fading" tunesmith and musician living in Nashville, Tennessee. His music (some of which can be found here) seeks to explore different ideas and rhythms, but mostly to be enjoyable and unpredictable. His associationsknown and unknownare to be expected at any moment.


“Neil Diamond is a skunk that we thought was a raccoon; the bad things in music make the good things great.”

"The gods are tickling me."

“NRBQ ... ”

photo by Charles E. Rice (Lake Tansi, Tennessee, 1971)


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