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Canopic Riffs: Rosko Gee on Chris Wood

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

Chris Wood and Rosko Gee with Traffic, 1974


Editor's note: Rosko Gee entered my consciousness as the superb bass guitarist on Traffic's When the Eagle Flies LP (1974), which was followed closely by his work on Stomu Yamashta's classic Go project. Such masterful credits are but highlights that hint at the scope of this artist's body of work. For more info, check out Tom Semioli's excellent profile at Know Your Bass Player and visit perfectzeromusic. If Rosko is involved, it's always a trip worth taking. --PR


Rosko Gee (of Rosko Gee & The Hooded Ones) recently commented on his friend and Traffic bandmate Chris Wood, and he has graciously allowed Canopic Jar to share some of those words.

"An honest Soul...!"

"Coming to terms with a World full of vile-inequity is not always easy to circumvent – and then we try harder...!"

"My memories of Chris are only good, making me a life-long advocate for that which I believe He stood for..."
–Rosko Gee


Chris Wood was a founding member of the band Traffic, which also featured Steve Winwood and Jim Capaldi. A highly-imaginative multi-instrumentalist and composer, Wood's evolved stylings on saxophone and flute are integral to the brilliance of the band. He also recorded with an amazing list of musicians: from Jimi Hendrix to Nick Drake, from Reebop Kwaku Baah to Paul Kossoff, from Ginger Baker to John Martyn, and on and on ... . In 2017, Hidden Masters issued Moon Child Vulcan, an excellent gathering of previously unreleased recordings intended to be Wood's first full solo project. Evening Blue, a fantastic limited edition retrospective featuring unique, hand-applied packaging by Stephanie Wood (Chris's talented sister), is also still available (very limited) through Hidden Masters.


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