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"Shadows," a poem by Gene Kimmet

Updated: Apr 15, 2021


We walk together on this late

December afternoon as we have walked

For more than half a century.

If we stand each year in sunshine

In this short season, our shadows

Never show our change.

Tall silhouettes aimed north

Across a field of snow,

Constants in a shifting world.

Steps slow, we tire, hope

Dulled by gathering years, yet

When we pause in winter sun

Our images escape

The weight of flesh,

Never age or waver.


Illustration by Sarah Hasty Williams

Gene Kimmet is a retired professor of economics from Harper College in Palatine, Illinois. His poetry collections include Shadows (Canopic 2019), Recollections of My Father (Canopic 2015), Skipping Stone (Dream Stone Press 2000) and In Fee Simple (Stormline Press 1986.)

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