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The Art of Alan Phillips

"Clouds At Play In The Skies Of Saint Augustine," oil on canvas 16" x 20"

Around the turn of the latest century, Canopic was introduced to the artwork of Alan Phillips. We even had the honor of collaborating with the artist on several projects, and he kindly provided cover art for two early CP titles (including an original painting for 2003's Between the Bones by Mary Sue Koeppel, the first poetry collection to boast the Canopic imprint.)

A native of Boston, Alan has moved around a bit. He is drawn to the coast, any coast, and his paintings demonstrate a deep relationship with nature. It's a relationship that continuously evolves but always exudes love. As the artist explains,

"These are paintings of a place where harmony rules. I choose selected moments of wellness, ease and sanctuary. I know that nature can also be a cruel mistress for the unprepared and I respect her power and this energy can be felt in my work as well as it is captured both with velocity and restrained exuberance. It is my intention to let it pulse beneath the lyricism. The journey has been good to me. I have been given privileges through my work far beyond my expectations that brought happiness, wellness, joy ease and comfort into my life. It is in sharing those feelings through my art where I hope it brings that moment into your life too." 

An extraordinary craftsmen who always leads with the art, Alan's vision and voice are true gifts to the world. We are honored by and grateful for the connection. Visit the Alan Phillips' online Art Gallery and enjoy the ride.

An original painting by Alan Phillips graced the cover of Between the Bones by Mary Sue Koeppel, the first poetry collection published by Canopic (2003)

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