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Billy Jim Hauck is a good ol’ boy from San Antonio
who loves hunting, fishing, and being from Texas. When
his wife of twenty years leaves him for another man,
he deals with it the way he knows how, by sucking
down beers, watching Fox News, and trolling leftist
websites. His teenage daughter Jill, a gifted ballet
student, is disgusted by him and his behavior and is
desperate to move out of the house.


Then one terrible evening his daughter is raped. In
the aftermath, she goes into a tailspin of depression,
anxiety, and guilt. Billy Jim swears revenge, but as
the weeks wear on, and it becomes more and more
apparent that her rapist is never going to be caught,
his need for vengeance is tempered by his longing
to see his daughter well again. Though way out of
his element, he devotes himself to bringing her
through her PTSD, and finds solace and redemption
in the unlikeliest of places: her world of classical ballet.


Also available as an eBook.


About the Author:

Will Kern is the author of Hellcab, one of the longest-running shows in Chicago theatre history.


Some of Will’s other theatre writing credits include Kid Sister, which received its world premiere at Profiles Theatre in 2010; and True Korea which opened at Chaimoo Theater in Seoul, South Korea, in 2008. As a screenwriter, he wrote the film adaptation of Hellcab, the award-winning short film Pain Chain and Lost in Rome. His travel writing and essays have been published in numerous magazines and newspapers worldwide.  Will lives in South Korea with his wife Sophie and son Wilson. Ballet for Guys is his first novel. 

Ballet for Guys, a novel by Will Kern

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