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Priests Without People by Nicholas Cafardi is a novel about cardinals, bishops, pastors, seminarians, lay people, and, yes, even popes trying to find their way to salvation in the turmoil resulting from the Second Vatican Council in the Catholic Church. It’s the 1960’s, and strange things are happening as priests, people and prelates try to come to terms with the changes the Council has set in motion. The authority of bishops and pastors has been reduced, and young priests, seminarians, nuns and lay people are speaking their minds. It is a brave new ecclesiastical world of confusion—and sometimes chaos—in which the only clear voice is that of the Lord. But is anyone listening? And if so, where do they go with what they think they’ve heard?

About the Author:
Nicholas P. Cafardi is a well-known Catholic author whose works have appeared in America magazine, U.S. Catholic, Commonweal and the National Catholic Reporter. His book, Before Dallas, has been called the definitive history of the child sex abuse crisis in the Catholic Church. Priests Without People is his first work of fiction.

Priests Without People, a novel by Nicholas P. Cafardi

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