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Meticulously crafted and reflecting the vision and wit of a nonagenarian, Shadows is the fourth poetry collection by Gene Kimmet. This special volume includes cover art and five illustrations by artist Sarah Hasty Williams.  


Gene Kimmet is a retired professor of economics from Harper College in Palatine, Illinois. He was born in Lima, Ohio, a town with a long history of heavy industrial production. Kimmet worked at a variety of jobs there, including lens grinder, foundry worker, service station operator, and salesman, before receiving a BA in economics from Ohio Northern University. He later earned an MA in economics from Case Western Reserve University and a post-master’s degree in economics from Northern Illinois University. Previous collections include Reflections of My Father (Canopic, 2015), Skipping Stone (Dream Stone Press, 2000) and In Fee Simple (Stormline Press, 1986.)

Shadows, poems by Gene Kimmet

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