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Stones: The Collected Short Poems of Charles Ghigna gathers the tight poetic works of Charles Ghigna in a single volume. 


Also available from Amazon and other online book retailers.

Ghigna is the author of more than 100 books from Random House, Hyperion, Scholastic, Simon & Schuster, Time Inc. and more than 5000 poems that appear in textbooks, anthologies, newspapers and magazines including The New Yorker, Harper’s, Rolling Stone, The Village Voice and The New York Times.


He served as poet-in-residence at the Alabama School of Fine Arts, instructor of creative writing at Samford University, and nationally syndicated feature writer for Tribune Media Services.




“Charles Ghigna’s poems read like short, hard chisel jabs into a sheet of granite.”

—X. J. Kennedy

“The poem 'I' by Charles Ghigna is regarded by many to be the shortest poem in the world, its content the topic of debate and discussion since humankind became self-aware.”

—Christopher Rhodes

STONES, the Collected Short Poems of Charles Ghigna

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