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Winter Sun: A Memoir of Love is a personal narrative of a terminal illness interrupting a middle-aged couple’s romantic plans to marry and live out their years together. Through the joy, the pain, and the grief, the couple gain an expanding awareness that love is the answer.

"I could not put down Winter Sun even though my eyes were filled with tears throughout every chapter. Never maudlin, Phil Rice’s journey as he cares for his fiancé, whom he marries before she dies, is boundlessly tender and excruciatingly humble. His emotional epiphanies as he confronts the reality of the situation and the inevitable issues of religious beliefs are sheer poetry. Winter Sun is a must-read for anyone who is dealing with hospice care—or any of life’s profound interruptions.


Stephanie Ericsson, author of Companion Through the Darkness: Inner Dialogues on Grief


Also available as an eBook.

About the Author:

Phil Rice is a native Tennessean whose career as a writer, editor, and teacher has also included extended residencies in Florida and Pennsylvania. His writing has appeared in a variety of magazines, journals, and books. He and P.A. Merrill founded Canopic Jar: An Arts Journal in 1986, a venture for which he continues to serve as editor. 

Winter Sun: A Memoir of Love by Phil Rice

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