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We're Gonna Be OK

Tom Staley

From 1968 until 1974, Tom Staley was the drummer for NRBQ, which included the band’s first four studio albums and later the classic Ludlow Garage 1970 LP. After his tenure in the Q, Staley continued to play music in his home state of Florida, including in bands with fellow founding Q alumni Steve Ferguson and Frankie Gadler. In the 21st century he has toured with The Terry Adams Crazy Trio, among other notable gigs.

A solid session player, Staley has also recorded his share of solo material. We're Gonna Be OK was originally released in 2011. The album features a collection of original, up-beat tunes that run the gamut from Rock to Pop to Jazz and Country. Tom Staley is a musician who embraces the craft of his art with the passion of a bald eagle tubing down a mountain stream in a soft thunderstorm wondering why he left the nest. We're Gonna Be OK is a fine representation of such ideals.

"Just when the world seems so gloomy and it becomes painful to watch the news of the day, NRBQ's former drummer and one of the world's soldiers of good energy, Tom Staley, releases his cd, "We're Gonna Be OK" and y'know what? I think we are gonna be ok! 

Mr. Staley assembles fifteen songs that run the gamut from reminiscing about old friends and places to making us feel so good with his undying faith in love and life!! From the opener, Let's Think About Livin', we are taken on a ride to uplift our spirits through this musical journey. 

Whether you need a break from the real world or you just happen to be an appreciator of great music, I bet when you're done giving this disc a listen, you, too, will believe we ARE gonna be alright! Enjoy!!"

--Stacey Sandler, Q-ologist

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